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Chickens on the Homestead Unit Study

Chickens on the Homestead Unit Study

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Our Unit Studies are a pre-order and will ship the last week of June. If your order includes a Unit Study the entire order will ship at this time.

REMEMBER to order both a Teacher's Guide and Workbook. You need both to complete the Unit Study.

The Chickens on the Homestead Unit Study takes your children on an exciting journey into the world of chickens. Through an engaging and interactive story, they will be introduced to their very own flock of chickens, transforming them into aspiring homesteaders!

How to Use Our Unit Studies?

You must purchase a Teacher's Guide (56 pages) to lead your lessons, and every student will need their own workbook (132 pages) for their appropriate academic level.

Every workbook is accompanied by a card pack containing profiles of various chicken breeds as well as manipulative cards.

Our Chickens on the Homestead unit study teaches Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art & select Math concepts. What makes Heritage Schoolhouse unit studies different is that each one teaches old-fashioned skill in a modern world. The Chickens on the Homestead unit study teaches old-fashioned skills like raising chickens, the butchering process, how to make chicken stock and many more, while also teaching children the fundamentals on entrepreneurship and money handling.

What ages is this appropriate for?
Primary Workbook: Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten
Lower Elementary Workbook: 1st - 3rd Grade
Upper Elementary Workbook: 4th - 6th Grade

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